Vendor Agreements List

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CommodityVendorCommodity Manager/BuyerAgreement #CampusExpires
Advertisement, NewspaperSmall Business Exchange (SBE)Andrea Cooke 0000K7B022 ALL07/31/2018
Advertisement, NewspaperSmall Business Exchange (SBE)Andrea Cooke 0000K8B086 ALL07/31/2018
Advertising & Creative ServicesCareer Builder.comAndrea Cooke 0000KHB037 UCLA12/31/2017
Application Service Developer/ProviderAvid Technical Resources, Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KXA001 UCLA07/31/2020
Audio and Web ConferencingREADYTALKSoren Bondesen 0000KUA019 UCLA12/31/2019
Audio/Visual EquipmentB and H Foto and Electronics Corp.Soren Bondesen 0000KVA030 UCLA09/30/2019
BeveragesReyes Coca-Cola Bottling LLCSandra Chang 0000KVA018 UCLA08/31/2023
BeveragesCOCA-COLA COMPANY (dba Coca-Cola North America)Sandra Chang 0000KUA006 UCLA08/31/2023
Biohoods, Testing of Biohoods, Clean Benches, DecontaminationTechnical Safety Services IncClaire Tsai 0000K9B000 ALL10/31/2021
Book ManufacturingSheridan BooksSoren Bondesen 0000KTA014 UCLA06/30/2021
Books/Publications/ PeriodicalsBarnes & Noble Booksellers Inc.Suzanne Martin 0000KRA012 UCLA10/01/2018
Books/Publications/ PeriodicalsAssociated Students UCLA (ASUCLA)Soren Bondesen 0000K7B006 UCLA12/31/2020
CarpetShaw Industries Inc.Cathy Gooderham 0000KMA048 ALL09/30/2019
CarpetBentley Mills, Inc.Cathy Gooderham 0000KQA022 UCLA01/31/2020
CarpetCoit Cleaning and Restoration Services Inc.Sandra Chang 0000KTA015 UCLA12/31/2019
CarpetStanley SteemerSandra Chang 0000KTA016 UCLA12/31/2019
CarpetInterface Americas, INCCathy Gooderham 0000KVA002 ALL01/31/2020
Carpet (Tile)Mohawk Carpet Distribution LPCathy Gooderham 0000KTA039 UCOP02/01/2020
Chemicals, BBL, Culture MediaSigma Aldrich CorporationClaire Tsai 0000KQA032 UCOP12/31/2020
Chemicals, BiochemicalsQiagenClaire Tsai 0000KNA076 UCLA12/30/2020
Chemicals, BiochemicalsBio-Rad LabsClaire Tsai 0000K8B051 ALL12/31/2020
Chemicals, Biochemicals, Modifying Enzymes & Other DNA ProductsILLUMINAClaire Tsai 0000KNA105 UCLA02/14/2020
Chemicals, BiologicalsSpectrumClaire Tsai 0000KNA000 ALL04/30/2023
Chemicals, BiologicalsNew England BiolabsClaire Tsai 0000KRA040 ALL09/30/2019
Chemicals, BiologicalsThermo Fisher Scientific AshevilleClaire Tsai 0000KRA042 ALL01/01/2022
Chemicals, Cell Culture ProductsCell Signaling Technology Inc.Claire Tsai 0000KNA009 ALL02/02/2020
Chemicals, Gene Chip ArraysAffymetrix Inc.Claire Tsai 0000KBB039 ALL12/31/2020
Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Biochemicals and Radioactive Chemicals (New Agreement)Amersham Biosciences (GE Healthcare)Claire Tsai 0000KCB039 ALL05/28/2020
Chemicals, RadiolabeledPerkinElmer Life Sciences, Inc.Claire Tsai 0000KBB042 ALL01/02/2020
Chemicals, Reagents Equipment and MaintenanceAgilent TechnologiesClaire Tsai 0000KNA078 ALL12/31/2019
Chemicals, Research Grade ReagentsMILTENYI BIOTECClaire Tsai 0000KTA011 UCOP02/23/2020
Coffee, Office Coffee ServiceSteuber Corporation DBA Alta Coffee ServiceJavier Fajardo 0000KQA049 UCLA12/31/2018
Computer ProductsKST Data, Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KCB015 UCLA10/31/2019
Computer ProductsDellSoren Bondesen 0000KKB066 ALL06/01/2023
Computer, Apple Computers & PeripheralsAssociated Students UCLA (ASUCLA)Soren Bondesen 0000K9B027 ALL12/31/2019
Computer, Equipment, Program Purchases and MaintenanceInterVision Systems LLCSandra Chang 0000KVA048 UCOP02/28/2023
Computer, Parts and Peripherals, Software and Data Storage (Excluding Desktops. Laptops and Printers)CDW-GSoren Bondesen 0000KHB020 ALL06/01/2020
Computer, Software ProductsKronosSoren Bondesen 0000KHB001 UCLA07/31/2019
Computer, Software ProductsORACLE AMERICA INCSoren Bondesen 0000KMA054 ALL08/27/2020
Computer, Software ProductsAbsolute Software (Computrace)Soren Bondesen 0000KJB022 ALL01/01/2030
Computer, Software ProductsGoogle Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KWA044 UCLA04/04/2029
Computer, Software Reseller Agreement: Adobe, Filemaker, Macromedia, McAfee,etc.SHI International Corp. (SHI)Soren Bondesen 0000KKB037 UCLA12/16/2024
Contingent Recruitment ServicesBAY SYSTEMS CONSULTING, INC.Sandra Chang 0000KWA007 UCLA09/06/2021
Contingent Recruitment ServicesHEALTHCARE STAFFING PROFESSIONALS, INC.Sandra Chang 0000KWA008 UCLA09/06/2021
Contingent Recruitment ServicesRandstad TechnologiesSandra Chang 0000KWA012 UCLA09/06/2021
Copiers, Digital, Maintenance ServicesRICOH USA INCSoren Bondesen 0000KTA036 UCLA02/28/2020
Copiers, Digital, Maintenance ServicesCanon Solutions AmericaSoren Bondesen 0000KTA042 UCLA04/30/2020
Copiers, Maintenance ServicesXeroxSoren Bondesen 0000KFB019 ALL03/01/2020
Courier ServicesApollo Couriers Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KQA010 UCLA08/31/2020
Courier ServicesAccurate Courier Services Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000kqa011 UCLA08/14/2020
Document Destruction and RecyclingSHRED IT USA LLCSoren Bondesen 0000KUA028 UCLA06/30/2021
Domestic Expedited Mail Courier ServicesDHL ExpressRhodora Antigua 0000KPA026 UCLA07/31/2020
Domestic Expedited Mail Courier ServicesFEDEXRhodora Antigua 0000KEB003 UCLA03/31/2020
Domestic Express Mail ServicesUnited Parcel ServiceRhodora Antigua 0000KEB004 UCOP05/22/2020
Electronic ComponentsAll-Phase Electric (CED)Cathy Gooderham 0000KKB051 UCLA07/31/2023
Electronic ComponentsNewark Element14Cathy Gooderham 0000KRA008 ALL07/31/2020
Event Rental ServicePremiere Party RentsCathy Gooderham 0000KQA037 UCLA06/30/2023
Event Rental ServiceTown & Country Event RentalsCathy Gooderham 0000KSA010 UCLA06/30/2023
Event Rental ServiceAventri Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KWA024 UCLA05/31/2023
Event Rental ServiceBright Event RentalsCathy Gooderham 0000KWA002 UCLA06/30/2023
Event Rental ServiceSignature Party RentalsCathy Gooderham 0000KWA003 UCLA06/30/2023
Executive Recruitment Merritt Hawkins & Associates LLCRhodora Antigua 0000KSA035 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Montgomery and MontgomeryRhodora Antigua 0000KTA029 UCOP10/17/2019
Executive Recruitment Russell Reynolds AssociatesRhodora Antigua 0000KTA030 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Ralph Andersen & AssociatesRhodora Antigua 0000KUA003 UCLA06/30/2020
Executive Recruitment GVP Ventures Inc. (dba Bob Murray & Associates)Rhodora Antigua 0000KTA046 UCLA06/30/2020
Executive Recruitment WITT KIEFFER INCRhodora Antigua 0000KUA015 ALL12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment WITT KIEFFER INCRhodora Antigua 0000KUA016 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Teri Black & Company LLCRhodora Antigua 0000KTA049 UCLA06/30/2020
Executive Recruitment Randstad ProfessionalsRhodora Antigua 0000KQA006 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Diversified Search LLCRhodora Antigua 0000kpa044 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Shelli Herman & AssociatesRhodora Antigua 0000KPA055 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Greenwood Asher & AssociatesRhodora Antigua 0000KNA091 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment SSI (US) Inc dba Spencer StuartRhodora Antigua 0000KNA092 ALL12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment The Spelman & Johnson GroupRhodora Antigua 0000KNA102 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Another SourceRhodora Antigua 0000KNA106 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Heidrick & Struggles Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KNA109 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Sage Search Partners, LLCRhodora Antigua 0000KNA110 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment The Caldwell PartnersRhodora Antigua 0000KNA116 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment SSI (US) Inc dba Spencer StuartRhodora Antigua 0000KMA068 UCOP09/30/2020
Executive Recruitment Isaacson Miller IncRhodora Antigua 0000KMA070 UCOP06/30/2020
Executive Recruitment B E Smith IncRhodora Antigua 0000KMA071 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Management Partners Inc. dba Furst GroupRhodora Antigua 0000KMA072 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Potter Associates LLCRhodora Antigua 0000KMA074 UCOP06/30/2020
Executive Recruitment Opus Search Partners Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KMA042 ALL12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Korn Ferry InternationalRhodora Antigua 0000KJB018 UCOP12/31/2019
Executive Recruitment Storbeck/Pimentel & AssociatesRhodora Antigua 0000KJB021 UCOP12/31/2019
Fitness Exercise Equipment and Services (Cardio and Strength Products)Advantage Fitness Products / AFPCathy Gooderham 0000KEB008 ALL07/31/2020
Fitness Exercise Equipment and Services (Cardio and Strength Products)Cybex InternationalCathy Gooderham 0000KEB040 ALL07/01/2020
Fitness Exercise Equipment and Services (Cardio and Strength Products)Life Fitness LLC (Lumos Holidngs)Cathy Gooderham 0000KXA000 ALL01/01/2020
Fitness Exercise Equipment and Services (Treadmills Only)Woodway USACathy Gooderham 0000KEB011 ALL07/01/2020
Food, Dry Animal Feed & Canned Dog/Cat FoodNewco Distributors, Inc.Claire Tsai 0000kkb003 UCLA06/30/2020
FurnitureCorporate Spaces Inc. DBA CSI FullmerCathy Gooderham 0000KMA063 UCLA06/30/2020
FurnitureMaglin CorporationCathy Gooderham 0000KPA063 UCLA07/31/2020
FurnitureCort Furniture RentalCathy Gooderham 0000KPA086 UCLA06/30/2020
FurniturePivot Interiors Inc.Cathy Gooderham 0000KVA042 ALL02/15/2021
Furniture, Office, ErgonomicOffice & Ergonomic Solutions IncCathy Gooderham 0000KWA021 ALL02/19/2021
Furniture, Office, ErgonomicUnisource Solutions/HaworthCathy Gooderham 0000KMA058 ALL10/01/2019
Furniture, Steel Panel Systems, Wood CasegoodsTangram Interiors/SteelcaseCathy Gooderham 0000KEB001 UCLA10/31/2020
Furniture, Wood CasegoodsKIMBALL OFFICE C/O CPM ONE SOURCE, INC.Cathy Gooderham 0000KQA031 UCLA10/31/2020
Gases, Industrial, Medical & Specialty in Cylinders and Liquid in DewarsAirgasClaire Tsai 0000KGB020 ALL05/01/2020
Gases, Industrial, Medical & Specialty in Cylinders and Liquid in DewarsPraxairClaire Tsai 0000KGB022 ALL10/30/2021
Gases, Industrial, Medical & Specialty in Cylinders and Liquid in DewarsReliant Dry IceClaire Tsai 0000KWA039 UCLA04/30/2022
Gift Cards Employee RecognitionTiffany & CompanyCathy Gooderham 0000KWA022 UCLA01/23/2020
Hotel Services & EventsCrowne Plaza SeattleJavier Fajardo 0000KWC019 ALL09/17/2020
Hotel Services & Events100 WGB Hotel Operator LLC dba Hilton GlendaleJavier Fajardo 0000KUA029 ALL06/06/2022
Hotel Services & EventsSalt Lake City Hospitality Group LLC dba Springhill Suites SLCJavier Fajardo 0000KUA026 ALL04/20/2022
Hotel Services & EventsKona Kai Resort & SpaJavier Fajardo 0000KUA027 ALL04/26/2022
Hotel Services & Events200 Marina Boulevard Berkeley LLC DBA Doubletree by Hilton Berkeley MarinaJavier Fajardo 0000kta025 ALL02/28/2021
Hotel Services & EventsRB-VRI Eugene LLC DBA Valley River Inn HotelJavier Fajardo 0000KTA008 ALL09/30/2021
Hotel Services & EventsBehringer Harvard Wilshire Boulevard LP dba Hotel Palomar LA WestwoodJavier Fajardo 0000KSA016 ALL04/11/2022
Hotel Services & EventsHilton Los Angeles AirportEvan Fixler ALL06/06/2022
Hotel Services & EventsMiners Lessee LLC dba W Los Angeles WWJavier Fajardo 0000KRA004 ALL02/28/2021
Hotel Services & EventsHPT TRS IHG-2 INC DBA The Crowne Plaza L A AirportJavier Fajardo 0000KRA023 ALL10/23/2018
Hotel Services & EventsFess Parker a Doubletree by Hilton ResortJavier Fajardo 0000KRA034 ALL03/31/2019
Hotel Services & EventsHLB Funding LLC DBA Hilton Hotel Long BeachJavier Fajardo 0000KRA035 ALL03/31/2019
Hotel Services & EventsEl Segundo AREP III Associates LLC DBA Doubletree by Hilton Hotel LAX El SegundoJavier Fajardo 0000KRA037 ALL10/22/2018
Hotel Services & EventsCorvallis Hospitality LLC dba Hilton Garden Inn-CorvallisJavier Fajardo 0000KQA026 ALL12/11/2022
Hotel Services & EventsEl Conquistador MAH II LLC dba Hilton Tucson El Conquistador Golf & Tennis ResortJavier Fajardo 0000KQA042 ALL10/22/2018
Hotel Services & EventsOlympic CollectionJavier Fajardo 0000KPA059 ALL05/01/2022
Hotel Services & EventsBeverly Hills Luxury Hotel LLC dba Montage Beverly HillsJavier Fajardo 0000KQA017 ALL06/30/2022
Hotel Services & EventsB W Hotel LLC dba Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons HotelJavier Fajardo 0000KQA002 ALL06/30/2021
Hotel Services & EventsRenaissance Suites by MarriottJavier Fajardo 0000KPA013 ALL06/30/2021
Hotel Services & EventsHilton Los Angeles AirportJavier Fajardo 0000KNA126 ALL03/31/2021
Hotel Services & EventsBest Western University InnJavier Fajardo 0000KNA128 ALL04/17/2021
Hotel Services & EventsE H Summit Inc dba Luxe Hotel Sunset BoulevardJavier Fajardo 0000KNA129 ALL04/17/2021
Hotel Services & EventsAscot Hotels LP dba Hotel AngelenoJavier Fajardo 0000KPA006 ALL02/28/2021
Hotel Services & EventsSheraton Grand Sacramento HotelJavier Fajardo 0000KPA007 ALL06/30/2021
Imaging Products and Applications Source GraphicsSoren Bondesen 0000KMA052 UCLA06/30/2020
Industrial Plumbing SuppliesHIRSCH PIPE & SUPPLY COCathy Gooderham 0000KJB039 UCLA01/31/2020
Industrial Plumbing SuppliesHARRINGTON INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS LLCCathy Gooderham 0000KJB042 UCLA01/31/2020
Industrial Plumbing SuppliesHydraulic Industrial Plumbing SupplyCathy Gooderham 0000KCB043 UCLA07/31/2020
Industrial Plumbing SuppliesSecurity PlumbingCathy Gooderham 0000KPA008 UCLA01/31/2020
International freight forwarding, Customs Clearance (with Regents Power of Attorney) and Transportation ServicesAmerican Cargo ServiceRhodora Antigua 0000KNA122 ALL05/31/2020
IT Information Security and Compliance ServicesSalesforce.orgSoren Bondesen 0000KSA022 UCLA12/31/2020
IT Information Security and Compliance ServicesTableau Software IncSoren Bondesen 0000KSA031 UCOP12/31/2030
IT Professional Services Agreement (PSA)modisSandra Chang 0000KSA023 UCOP06/30/2020
IT Professional Services Agreement (PSA)Microsoft CorporationSoren Bondesen 0000KWA047 UCLA06/21/2024
IT Professional Services Agreement (PSA)Randstad TechnologiesSandra Chang 0000KWA040 UCOP06/30/2020
IT Professional Services Agreement (PSA)Insight Global Inc.Sandra Chang 0000KQA019 UCOP06/30/2020
Janitorial/Supplies/EquipmentWaxieCathy Gooderham 0000KMA014 UCLA08/31/2020
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Laboratory & ChemicalsRainin Instrument LLCClaire Tsai 0000KMA030 ALL12/31/2020
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Laboratory & ChemicalsOmega ScientificClaire Tsai 0000KMA040 ALL12/31/2020
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Laboratory & ChemicalsFisher Scientific Co.Claire Tsai 0000KFB013 ALL04/30/2022
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Laboratory & ChemicalsVWR Scientific ProductsClaire Tsai 0000kfb014 ALL04/30/2022
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies, Specialty Laboratory & ChemicalsAbcamClaire Tsai 0000KTA038 UCOP11/30/2020
Laboratory, Equipment & Supplies, Beckman InstrumentEUROFINS GENOMICSClaire Tsai 0000KVA050 UCLA06/30/2021
Laboratory, Supplies & Equipment, Misc.Getinge USA SalesClaire Tsai 0000KWA028 UCLA12/31/2023
Laboratory, Supplies & Equipment, Misc.LARAGENClaire Tsai 0000KUA030 UCLA06/30/2020
Laboratory, Supplies & Equipment, Misc.Panasonic Corporation -LABEQUIPCOClaire Tsai 0000KPA073 UCLA12/31/2020
Laboratory, Supplies & Equipment, Misc.The Remi GroupClaire Tsai 0000KQA039 UCOP12/31/2020
Laboratory, Supplies & Equipment, Misc.Neta ScientificClaire Tsai 0000KNA077 ALL05/31/2020
Laboratory, Supplies, & Equipment, Misc.Life TechnologyClaire Tsai 0000KQA001 UCLA12/31/2020
Laundry, Linen, Textile and Related ServicesRadiant Services CorpCathy Gooderham 0000KPA089 UCLA05/31/2020
Laundry, Linen, Textile and Related ServicesPacific Lodging SupplyCathy Gooderham 0000KQA048 UCLA05/31/2020
Laundry, Linen, Textile and Related ServicesImageFIRSTCathy Gooderham 0000KVA009 UCLA02/28/2024
Maintenance, EquipmentCintas Corporation #2Cathy Gooderham 0000KXA004 ALL10/31/2023
Medical, SuppliesMcKessonRhodora Antigua 0000KRA014 UCLA12/31/2019
Medical, SuppliesOwens & Minor, Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KAB015 UCLA12/31/2019
Microsoft Software "UC MCCA"SHI International Corp. (SHI)Soren Bondesen 0000KKB038 UCLA06/30/2023
Mobility Services (Wireless Phones)ATT MobilitySoren Bondesen 0000KMA045 ALL01/30/2022
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesFOUR WINDS INCClaire Tsai 0000Kta027 UCLA12/01/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesLUX BUS AMERICA COClaire Tsai 0000KTA017 UCLA12/01/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesTRANSPORTATION CHARTER SERVICEClaire Tsai 0000KTA019 UCLA12/01/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesCOMPASS TRANSPORTATIONClaire Tsai 0000KTA020 UCLA12/02/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesFAST DEER BUS CHARTER INCClaire Tsai 0000KTA021 UCLA12/01/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesTOURCOACH CHARTER AND TOURSClaire Tsai 0000KTA022 UCLA12/01/2020
Motor Coach Charter Bus ServicesB&W LIMO INCClaire Tsai 0000KVA011 UCLA12/31/2019
Moving and Storage On CampusCorovan Moving & Storage Inc.Cathy Gooderham 0000KTA002 UCLA06/30/2020
Moving and Storage On CampusChipman CorporationCathy Gooderham 0000KTA003 UCLA06/30/2020
Moving and Storage On CampusCPM ONE SOURCECathy Gooderham 0000KQA000 ALL06/30/2020
Moving and Storage, Household Furniture and VehiclesAlex Moving (North American Van Lines)Cathy Gooderham 0000KDB019 ALL04/30/2020
Moving and Storage, Household Furniture and VehiclesCrown Relocations (Independent)Cathy Gooderham 0000KDB022 ALL01/31/2020
Moving and Storage, Household Furniture and VehiclesS & M Moving SystemsCathy Gooderham 0000KWA045 UCLA04/30/2020
Moving and Storage, Household Furniture and VehiclesSuddath (Agt-United Van Lines)Cathy Gooderham 0000KWA043 ALL04/30/2020
MRO ProductsClaridge Products & Equipment IncCathy Gooderham 0000KVA047 ALL09/30/2020
MRO ProductsAdvanced Filtration Concepts IncCathy Gooderham 0000KWA034 ALL04/09/2022
MRO ProductsSoCal Filters and Service IncCathy Gooderham 0000KWA035 ALL04/09/2022
MRO ProductsWaco Filters CorporationCathy Gooderham 0000KWA036 ALL04/09/2022
MRO ProductsSiemens Industry IncCathy Gooderham 0000KWA005 UCLA08/31/2022
MRO ProductsControlcoCathy Gooderham 0000KWA006 UCLA08/31/2022
MRO ProductsHillyardCathy Gooderham 0000KWA001 UCLA06/30/2020
MRO ProductsFastenal Industrial & Construction SuppliesCathy Gooderham 0000KVA049 ALL06/30/2023
MRO ProductsEparts Services (Sunbelt)Cathy Gooderham 0000KVA035 UCLA08/31/2022
MRO ProductsGraingerCathy Gooderham 0000K9B013 UCLA06/30/2023
MRO ProductsHD Supply Facilities Management LTDCathy Gooderham 0000KHB045 ALL07/31/2020
MRO ProductsJones Lumber CompanyCathy Gooderham 0000KPA031 UCLA10/31/2019
Network Hardware and SupportCisco Systems, IncSoren Bondesen 0000KSA039 ALL07/01/2021
Network Hardware and SupportALE USA INCSoren Bondesen 0000KTA001 UCLA07/31/2020
Office Equipment (Maintenance Only)American Business MachinesSoren Bondesen 0000KJB041 UCLA06/30/2021
Office SuppliesOFFICE DEPOT INCSoren Bondesen 0000KVA012 ALL06/30/2021
Pest Control ServicesBee Catchers Inc. c/o UCLA Facilities ManagementSandra Chang 0000KTA050 UCLA06/30/2021
Pest Control ServicesQueen Bee Removal c/o UCLA Facilities ManagementSandra Chang 0000KTA051 UCLA06/30/2021
Pest Control ServicesThe Steritech Group, Inc. c/o UCLA Facilities ManagementSandra Chang 0000KSA024 UCLA07/31/2020
Pest Control ServicesAnimal and Insect Pest Management c/o UCLA Facilities ManagementSandra Chang 0000KSA025 UCLA07/31/2020
Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) Services for Credit Card ProcessingBPSH LLC (dba Bluefin Payment Systems LLC)Soren Bondesen 0000KUA023 UCOP02/02/2020
Prepaid Card ProgramUS BANKRhodora Antigua 0000KWA027 UCLA02/25/2024
Printing ServicesSafeguard Business Systems (dba Safeguard by Fontis)Rhodora Antigua 0000KWA015 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesRR DONNELLEYSoren Bondesen 0000KVA027 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesINK and COLOR INCSoren Bondesen 0000KVA016 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesD'Andrea Graphic CorporationSoren Bondesen 0000KVA019 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesPrimary ColorSoren Bondesen 0000KVA022 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesLithographix Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KVA023 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesClear Image PrintingSoren Bondesen 0000KVA024 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesAutomation Printing CompanySoren Bondesen 0000KVA025 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesTAYLOR CORPORATION DBA STANDARD REGISTER INCSoren Bondesen 0000KTA040 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesColornet PressSoren Bondesen 0000KKB040 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesMonarch Litho, Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KKB041 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesCastle PressSoren Bondesen 0000KKB043 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesAlpha PrintingSoren Bondesen 0000KKB044 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesColor GraphicsSoren Bondesen 0000KKB047 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesImpress CommunicationsSoren Bondesen 0000KKB048 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesTrend Offset PrintingSoren Bondesen 0000KKB049 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesTypecraftSoren Bondesen 0000KKB050 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing ServicesQuad/GraphicsSoren Bondesen 0000KKB063 UCLA05/31/2020
Printing ServicesMarina Graphic Center, Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KKB032 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing Services, Business Cards, Letterhead, EnvelopesSouthern California Graphics CorpCathy Gooderham 0000KVA026 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing Services, Business Cards, Letterhead, EnvelopesClassic Litho & DesignSoren Bondesen 0000KVA028 UCLA10/31/2022
Printing, Copying, Finishing and Binding ServicesFedEx Office Print and Services Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KKB102 UCLA11/14/2019
Promotional Products and ServicesGorilla Marketing (Interlink Innovations)Cathy Gooderham 0000KMA078 UCLA02/28/2021
Promotional Products and ServicesI.D. Me Promotions, LLCCathy Gooderham 0000KMA079 UCLA02/28/2021
Promotional Products and ServicesLasting Impression Promotional ProductsCathy Gooderham 0000KMA081 UCLA02/28/2021
Promotional Products and ServicesJack Nadel InternationalCathy Gooderham 0000KVA038 UCLA02/28/2021
Promotional Products and ServicesManhattan StitchingCathy Gooderham 0000KVA040 UCLA02/28/2021
Promotional Products and ServicesR & D Specialty Company, IncCathy Gooderham 0000KVA041 UCLA02/28/2021
Records Management, Document Destruction, Recycling, Shredding and StorageIron Mountain Records Management Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KAB032 UCLA12/31/2023
Recycled Restroom Paper ProductsRoyal PaperCathy Gooderham 0000KHB048 UCLA09/30/2019
Reprographic ServicesFord GraphicsJoe Andreu 0000KMA087 UCLA12/31/2014
Ridehailing for minorsHOPSKIPDRIVE INC.Soren Bondesen 0000KWA033 UCLA07/31/2022
SafesAllied Safe & VaultJavier Fajardo 0000KJB062 UCLA12/31/2020
Security ServicesUniversal Protection Service c/o Asset ManagementSandra Chang 3189BQA944 UCLA12/31/2019
Security ServicesSentry One Security Inc. c/o UCPDSandra Chang 3365BQA507 UCLA10/15/2019
Security ServicesProfessional Security Consultants (dba PSC) c/o UCPDSandra Chang 3365BQA547 UCLA10/15/2019
Security ServicesUniversal Protection Service LP (dba Allied Universal Security Services) c/o UCLA PDSandra Chang 0000KUA021 UCLA10/15/2019
Servers and Associated Storage ProductsDasher Technologies Inc.Soren Bondesen 0000KVA045 UCOP02/28/2023
Servers and Associated Storage ProductsePlus TechnologySoren Bondesen 0000KPA091 ALL02/28/2023
Servers and Associated Storage ProductsColfax InternationalSoren Bondesen 0000KQA008 UCLA01/31/2020
Services (Online Training), Software and HardwareIBM (Services, Software and Hardware)Soren Bondesen 0000KMA015 UCOP07/31/2020
Software ProgramsTurnitin LLCSoren Bondesen 0000KWA041 UCLA04/03/2020
Street Sweeping ServicesARAKELIAN ENTERPRISES INC (dba Athens Services)Sandra Chang 0000KSA014 UCLA09/01/2020
Subzero Refrigerator Repair & MaintenanceLos Angeles Cascade Technology Group Inc.Sandra Chang 0000KWA010 UCLA09/06/2020
Telephone Answering, Messaging ServicesUnited Answering Service Inc. (dba A-1 Gilbert Answering Service)Rhodora Antigua 0000KWA004 UCLA07/30/2020
Temporary Clerical Personnel ServicesPremiere Living ServicesSandra Chang 0000KTA033 ALL01/31/2020
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical (Only)ManpowerSandra Chang 0000KKB025 UCOP12/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical (Only)Randstad ProfessionalsSandra Chang 0000KRA005 UCOP09/01/2019
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical (Only)Robert Half InternationalSandra Chang 0000KPA087 UCLA10/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical and Accounting/FinanceTeamPersona, IncSandra Chang 0000KKB024 UCOP12/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical and Accounting/FinanceApple OneSandra Chang 0000KKB027 UCOP12/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Admin/Clerical and Accounting/FinanceStaffmarkSandra Chang 0000KKB064 UCLA12/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare (Only)AMN Healthcare Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KNA008 UCLA10/31/2019
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare (Only)All's Well Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KPA030 UCLA07/31/2020
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare (Only)People 2.0 Global, Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KTA010 UCLA09/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare (Only)CHG COMPANIES INC. (dba CompHealth Associates Inc.)Rhodora Antigua 0000KUA002 UCLA02/20/2020
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare (Only)AMN Healthcare Inc (dba Nurse Finders LLC)Rhodora Antigua 0000KTA047 UCLA09/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Healthcare, IT, Admin, FinanceHEALTHCARE STAFFING PROFESSIONALS, INC.Rhodora Antigua 0000KUA007 UCLA09/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelAPEX SYSTEMS INC.Sandra Chang 0000KUA009 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelAvid Technical Resources, Inc.Sandra Chang 0000KUA010 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelBAY SYSTEMS CONSULTING, INC.Sandra Chang 0000KUA011 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelRONIN STAFFING LLCSandra Chang 0000KUA012 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelKelly Services (Kelly IT)Sandra Chang 0000KKB008 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelPomeroy IT SolutionsSandra Chang 0000KKB010 UCOP06/30/2020
Temporary Staffing for Technical PersonnelAmerit ConsultingSandra Chang 0000KJB066 UCOP06/30/2020
Translation ServicesPacific Interpreters, Inc.Rhodora Antigua 0000KVA036 UCLA05/30/2020
Uniforms for Rental, Purchase & Lease OptionsCintas Corporation #426Cathy Gooderham 0000KWA020 ALL10/31/2019
Uniforms for Rental, Purchase & Lease OptionsAramark Uniform & Career Apparel LLCCathy Gooderham 0000KUA017 UCOP09/30/2021
Uniforms for Rental, Purchase & Lease OptionsMISSION LINEN SUPPLYCathy Gooderham 0000KKB029 UCLA02/28/2021
Uniforms for Rental, Purchase & Lease OptionsUNIFIRST CORPCathy Gooderham 0000KKB036 UCLA09/30/2020
Video Conferencing Products and ServicesAVI (AVI-SPL)Soren Bondesen 0000KNA061 ALL12/31/2020
Video Conferencing Products and ServicesOne Diversified LLCSoren Bondesen 0000KVA034 UCLA08/30/2019
Waste, Hazardous Material Radioactive (Collection & Disposal) (Dept must call Rad. Safety x51491)Clean Harbor Environmental ServicesClaire Tsai 0000KNA004 ALL12/31/2019
Waste, Hazardous Material Radioactive (Collection & Disposal) (Dept must call Rad. Safety x51491)Thomas GrayClaire Tsai 0000K7B009 ALL12/31/2019
Waste, Hazardous Material, Handling, Transportation and Disposal (Dept. must call EH & S x55689Stericycle Inc.Sandra Chang 0000KCB038 UCLA09/01/2019
Waste, Refuse and Recycling RemovalARAKELIAN ENTERPRISES INC (dba Athens Services)Sandra Chang 0000KSA002 UCLA09/01/2020
Water, Drinking WaterNestle Waters of North America (dba Readyrefresh)Cathy Gooderham 0000KTA006 UCLA10/19/2019